Improve Quality

A young child, an aging parent, a devoted spouse—we all want access to high quality healthcare when caring for the cherished members of our family. Yet sometimes our choices for convenient and affordable medical care are limited or non-existent. How can we ensure we receive quality medical care if we don't have choice? We can’t.

But by reforming our state's outdated Certificate of Need (CON) law, doors open for more competition, which not only lowers costs and increases choice, but also advances the quality of patient care.

The success of same-day surgery centers throughout the country has been making headlines. Working in a same-day surgery center enables physicians to improve scheduling, assemble specialized teams, utilize the best equipment, and design optimal facilities—all options they are unable to pursue in a hospital setting. This autonomy in specialized same-day surgery centers allows physicians and imaging specialists to continually offer the highest quality care to their patients.

You can also be assured that same-day surgery centers are upheld to the same rigid standards of other medical facilities. Three processes—state licensure, Medicare certification, and voluntary accreditation—evaluate the safety and quality of same-day surgery centers. Therefore, we can be confident our loved ones are receiving the best in patient safety and care.