Increase Choice

Choice—we all want it. It’s what drives us to make informed decisions every day. So, why shouldn’t North Carolinians have better choice when it comes to healthcare? That’s easy. We should, and we can.

The state's current Certificate of Need (CON) law benefits large healthcare networks, severely restricting healthy competition. This lack of competition limits healthcare options. Often when patients need same-day surgeries or imaging services, they have limited or nonexistent choice concerning where these procedures are provided. Why? Because large North Carolina healthcare networks have a virtual monopoly on providing the majority of these services.

Without choice, patients are often subjected to more costly procedures in a less convenient and comfortable atmosphere, with possible implications to overall quality of patient care. With CON reform allowing for the establishment of more same-day surgery centers, patients can be guaranteed better choice.

According to one recent analysis, the number of same-day surgery centers per capita in North Carolina is well below the national average even with the success of these types of centers frequently recognized. If you favor more choice when selecting medical providers and facilities, you are in favor of NC CON Reform.