Key Facts

Certificate of Need (CON) Reform:

Things to Know


How Does CON Reform Increase Patient Choice?

Ending arbitrary restrictions on establishing same-day, outpatient ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) promotes competition.

Promotion of competition leads to more healthcare options.

More healthcare options provides greater choice of quality healthcare providers. 


How Does CON Reform Lower Healthcare Costs?

Expands types of services that can performed in same-day, outpatient surgery centers (ASCs) rather than high-cost hospitals.

Promotes competition for hospitals, driving down patient cost for same-day surgery procedures while improving quality of patient care.

Helps patients manage medical expenses by lowering co-pays and health insurance premiums.

Lowering the cost of same day surgeries will save taxpayers money as well when tax-paid healthcare services like Medicaid and Medicare save money.


How Does CON Reform Improve Quality of Patient Care?

More personalized physician-patient interaction.

Care teams and facilities structured for specialized care - functional excellence.

Increased patient convenience and comfort.

Reduction of infection due to hospitalization.


Reform CON Now

Lower Healthcare Costs.  

More Choice.  Better Quality.